The Guardian

Category: Celestial being

Status: Righteous

Mission: Protect Bear McQuade; assist him in his quest to find The Recipient

Current assignment: Classified project involving the portal

Strengths: Passion, Risk-taker

Weaknesses: Passion, Risk-taker

Knowledge of eternal law: Expert level

I will have to reassure my colleagues that I am serious when it comes to creating a portal and seeing that it gets opened. Many of them are worried that it may fall into enemy hands, but we can’t let that stop us from advancing.

The atmosphere down here is dry and dusty – it’s no mystery why most of them stray. The mystery is that they are able to cling to the light. It’s so easy for them to lose sight of their purpose. The enemy has truly done a masterful job of making darkness look attractive. He has only one weapon, but a thousand ways of employing it. Deception is his stock in trade. Dagon has indeed become a fearsome opponent. He has been studying eternal law for millennia and uses it to enslave people. He knows it as well as I do. The thing he never understood is that when you separate yourself from the source of light, all that’s left is darkness. 

If he finds out about our plans regarding the portal, he will mobilize every resource available to him to stop it. We must keep this knowledge from him as long as possible.

I miss home. I miss the view from my balcony overlooking the waterfall. Such beauty is not available here. The closest thing to that here is being in close proximity to those who are pure of heart, or are traveling down that path. I wish they knew this.

I will accomplish my mission. I will fulfill my purpose. I will protect my charge.

I am Zavan.