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Interesting facts
about our specialists.

Barry Ahlsten

Creator of The Recipient

Barry has been involved in the creative arts for decades. He is a writer, producer, actor, as well as owner of Palm House Productions. Check it out at www.palmhouseproductions.com

Dan Weber

Web/video guru

Dan started his career as a Theatre Major (Acting/Directing/Scenic Design) with an Art minor in Graphic and Web Design. " I attribute my abilities as a videographer and communicator to my Theatre experience and training as I make the pixels dance around the screen..." says Dan. He has been awarded multiple scholorships in the past and has successfully built his own business named Weber Hosting & Design and has been working in his field for more than 18 years. http://www.danw.design is his portfolio, and http://www.weberhosting.com is his online business store for clients.

Architecture is the reaching out for the truth.

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